Our Support

The Lepixz Customer Support Center, which has been in operation for more than 5 years, is primarily focused on fixing and preventing Black Screens. We consider a Black Screen, to be a failure that causes the Exhibitor to cancel a show.

The Customer Support Center achieves this through the following:

    1. Skilled Customer Support Technicians
    2. Enhanced Ticketing System
    3. Remote diagnosis
    4. Coordination of replacement parts
    5. Coordination of Technicians to go onsite
    6. Local language support in English, French, Dutch and German at all times and Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese during standard business hours
    7. Annual Maintenance
    8. Remote Upgrades of Manufacturers software and firmware.
Effective and time support is critical for this new technology. Lepixz realizes the budget constraints of many exhibitors. Consequently, we offer three different service levels that balances budget vs. support. Check with your local Lepixz office to determine the SLAs available in your country.