D-Cinema Installations

As an experienced deployment entity, Lepixz takes responsibility of all aspects of the installation process of new DCI-compliant digital cinema equipment for exhibitors. The Lepixz innovative scheme for the deployment operations provides effective solutions to all the day to day aspects of the digital conversion, allocating dedicated persons for every distinct phase. This way, any issue can be pointed out and resolved without downtime.
   I. Contract signature
   II. Dedicated project manager
   III. Supply chain / site survey,
   IV. Pre-build and validation of the equipment before delivery,
   V. Shipping
   VI. Installation and integration with existing systems in the booth,
   VII. Screen/Site final certification.

The project managers are the Lepixz representatives in front of the exhibitor and they represent customers (being the out-loud voice for any demands) in front of Lepixz managerial staff. They will manage a detailed site survey for every booth in order to adapt the orders for technical equipment and also they are in charge of ordering all the equipment. The technical Lepixz staff will pre-build, pre-configuration and validate the entirety of the equipment to be installed in order to avoid any issue and to diminish the downtime on site. The Lepixz project managers organize also the delivery and installation on site. Thanks to our pre-build activity, the installation on site takes 24h/screen. The majority of installations are made by Lepixz and its affiliates that cover this way a big part of European territories and bring an important knowhow and more than 50 years’ experience in cinema installation domain. In the territories non-covered by Lepixz, Lepixz works with local integrators and developed an extensive network around Europe, with at least one partner in every country.