Our Cinema Sound Systems

Lepixz and its local affiliates can advice provide and install in your cinema state-of-the-art sound systems & components from leading manufactures like Dolby, QSC, Datasat, JBL. We are amongst Europe's biggest distributors of the leading cinema sound brands and have a complete team of experienced sound engineers that can design new sound set-ups or get out the best of your existing sound systems. Our experts are regularly asked to perform sound audits in cinemas guarantee the best sound experience for that a modern movie theatre can offer.

Our Preferred partner for speakers:


Whether it's creating a superior sonic experience or a more cost effective solution for delivering it, QSC Digital Cinema Speakers (DCS) sound better no matter how you look at them. Developed from the ground-up by a team of cinema engineering specialists, they integrate seamlessly into modern multiplex cinemas and project breath-taking sound to every seat in the house.


JBL provides a wide, cost-effective range of solutions to take on the demands of modern cinema sound reproduction than JBL Professional. JBL Professional offers three complete lines of enclosed cinema loudspeaker systems, along with discreet components and electronics, to meet the needs of any cinema application; from the smallest rooms to the most exotic custom installations, renovations and retrofits.

Our preferred partner for amplifiers & processors


For three decades, QSC amplifiers have set the standard for cinema sound. The DCa Series is no exception. Crystal-clear, breathtaking, seat-shaking cinema sound is here with our DCA Series Digital Cinema Amplifiers. These THX approved amplifiers offer superior performance and features designed specifically for the cinema market.


Dolby offers a variety of sound processor configurations to facilitate optimum playback of Dolby® soundtracks in any cinema:
      The Dolby® Digital Cinema Sound Processor CP750 provides easy-to-operate audio control in digital cinema environments equipped with the latest technology.
       The most successful sound processor we've ever introduced, the CP650 is found in thousands of flagship cinemas worldwide.
       The Dolby Atmos™ Cinema Processor CP850 brings Dolby Atmos audio playback capabilities to your digital cinema.


Datasat Digital Entertainment has combined its vast experience in conventional analog sound systems with state-ofthe-art digital signal processing technology. The result: the AP20 Audio Processor. Offering an impressive collection of features packaged together in one box, the AP20 is one of the most flexible and powerful general-purpose cinema audio processors available today.